Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Importance of Color.

Choosing the color palate for your wedding can be a daunting task, and understandably so.  You're going to look back at the photos from this day for the rest of your life.  Ask yourself these questions:  Which encapsulate the feel or theme you are going for?  What works best for your venue and time of year?  And if it's important to you, which colors are going to stand the test of time?  But ultimately, which do you love enough to bestow upon them the importance of your wedding day?  No pressure.

For me, it was all about value.   I love pale, warm pastels; but making them my jumping-off point for all things decor gave them too much worth.  I needed something more timeless and classic - Black and White - but with more of an updated, garden-appropriate twist.  To do so, we've added butter yellow, pale apricot, hints of blush, and gold accents to our September backyard wedding to make it more Summer-y and setting appropriate. offers this color wheel to help make the process a little easier.   
You can spin and see what they come up with, or you can choose a color family and see what works well with it.  You can even refine your search by selecting similar, contrasting, or neutral undertones.  Very helpful if you're someone who has a hard time visualizing things.  If you're still having a hard time, shoot me an email and let me know where you're stuck.  I'm happy to give my two cents.

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