Thursday, February 10, 2011

Attention: Hippy-Chic Brides

I realize my last few entries have felt like advertisements, but I promise no one is paying me to write what I write.  This one is no exception.  Last year, Anthropologie's parent company, Urban Outfitter's Inc., announced that they would officially be coming out with a line of wedding dresses.  It's no surprise, with so many brides these days inspired by their aesthetic (especially with vintage being such a popular theme amongst weddings these days) I personally wonder why they didn't figure this little nugget out sooner.  When I heard the news I hoped that they would be available in time for my wedding... alas, I've already found and ordered a dress that I love (by a designer I will not name as my fiance is a snoop would love to find out what it looks like).  But I digress... Anthro's dress line, named BHLDN (Beholden minus the vowels) is scheduled to debut this Valentine's Day.  You can visit their website ahead of time - i.e. now - to get on their mailing list and learn all of the necessary details as they become available.  Where there stores will be is anyone's guess, but once one finds a store - I'll update as so as I do - brides will be able to go in and try dresses on without needing an appointment, and they will have a tailor ready to make alterations for you.  Plus, there will be an area of the store dedicated to the details of your decor and tablescape.  They've basically put my dream store into practice.

 The one on the left is my hands-down favorite, which is yours?

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  1. beautiful and cool! all sweet (but I love the one on the right best!)