Thursday, February 24, 2011

Amber & Calen.

One of my dearest and longest friends got married last September.  She and her now-husband (who have been together since they were 15!) chose beautiful Catalina Island for their wedding since it held a lot of memories of their years together.  It was an extra special occasion for me and T since Catalina was the place we met (also at a wedding!) and this trip was first time we had been back to the island since.  I was thrilled to do her ceremony and personal flowers, but since I was a bridesmaid, she saved me the workload of doing her reception decor so I could enjoy the day with her and the rest of the ladies.  Such a good friend.

We had a little mishap with one of those big guys in the back.  There were supposed to be six, but one of the volunteer helpers (uh-hm... groomsmen) dropped the sucker carrying it up the stairs.  Cue me lowering the ceremony piece count to four - to keep it even - and then filling Amber in on the uh-oh.  She was pretty sure I was joking the first few times I told her one of 'em broke, but once it sunk in she was cool as a cucumber about it. 

Her lovely bouquet.  Amber's middle name is Rose, so it was no-brainer for the flower selection.

A fuller view of the ceremony.  Amber got crafty and made those little paper cones on the ends of the chairs herself.  We filled them up with petals for the guests to toss post-ceremony.  Such a beautiful idea - you can see proof in the first photo above.

Oh yeah, and we did some simple hydrangea buckets for the rehearsal dinner.   Hydrangea is one of those flowers that always looks so awesome all by itself.  These are a simple example, but they were perfect for the casual feel of the night.

Congratulations again to Amber and Calen!  I am SO happy for them and can't wait until they have a mini version of themselves!

All photos courtesy of D2 photography.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Attention: Hippy-Chic Brides

I realize my last few entries have felt like advertisements, but I promise no one is paying me to write what I write.  This one is no exception.  Last year, Anthropologie's parent company, Urban Outfitter's Inc., announced that they would officially be coming out with a line of wedding dresses.  It's no surprise, with so many brides these days inspired by their aesthetic (especially with vintage being such a popular theme amongst weddings these days) I personally wonder why they didn't figure this little nugget out sooner.  When I heard the news I hoped that they would be available in time for my wedding... alas, I've already found and ordered a dress that I love (by a designer I will not name as my fiance is a snoop would love to find out what it looks like).  But I digress... Anthro's dress line, named BHLDN (Beholden minus the vowels) is scheduled to debut this Valentine's Day.  You can visit their website ahead of time - i.e. now - to get on their mailing list and learn all of the necessary details as they become available.  Where there stores will be is anyone's guess, but once one finds a store - I'll update as so as I do - brides will be able to go in and try dresses on without needing an appointment, and they will have a tailor ready to make alterations for you.  Plus, there will be an area of the store dedicated to the details of your decor and tablescape.  They've basically put my dream store into practice.

 The one on the left is my hands-down favorite, which is yours?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Importance of Color.

Choosing the color palate for your wedding can be a daunting task, and understandably so.  You're going to look back at the photos from this day for the rest of your life.  Ask yourself these questions:  Which encapsulate the feel or theme you are going for?  What works best for your venue and time of year?  And if it's important to you, which colors are going to stand the test of time?  But ultimately, which do you love enough to bestow upon them the importance of your wedding day?  No pressure.

For me, it was all about value.   I love pale, warm pastels; but making them my jumping-off point for all things decor gave them too much worth.  I needed something more timeless and classic - Black and White - but with more of an updated, garden-appropriate twist.  To do so, we've added butter yellow, pale apricot, hints of blush, and gold accents to our September backyard wedding to make it more Summer-y and setting appropriate. offers this color wheel to help make the process a little easier.   
You can spin and see what they come up with, or you can choose a color family and see what works well with it.  You can even refine your search by selecting similar, contrasting, or neutral undertones.  Very helpful if you're someone who has a hard time visualizing things.  If you're still having a hard time, shoot me an email and let me know where you're stuck.  I'm happy to give my two cents.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I love Christine Chang.

Our wedding photographer is awesome. Christine drove down to take some photos of me and Tony on Thursday afternoon for our engagement. Neither of us is particularly comfortable in front of the camera, but within a few minutes (with Christine's coaching) we were able to loosen up and just be ourselves. We plan on using one of the photos from the shoot for our Save-the-Date, so both of us were happy to see that she didn't capture us looking like tools.

See? She's pretty awesome. She shot into the light for a few of them; and told us that according to photography "rules" you're not supposed to do that, but they wound up being the ones that are everyone's favorites. If you visit her blog, you can view the full preview there.

I seriously CAN'T WAIT to see what she captures from our wedding. If any of you are looking for a photographer, wedding or otherwise, I can't speak highly enough of her. Call her. Seriously.