Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm a Mrs!

Wow.  What a crazy month its been.  The biggest emotion I've felt over these past few weeks is gratitude.  Tony and I are so lucky to have had such generous support not just from family and friends, but from our vendors as well.  Our wedding is an experience that we will remember forever, and I can honestly say that it holds some of the best moments of our lives.  Sure we had hiccups... who doesn't... but they were small and went unnoticed; and the most important parts - our love and the love of our family and friends - were the focus.  Not much more you can ask for.

Yet we were lucky to have so much more.  I have very heartfelt thank yous for all of our vendors.  They worked SO hard, at a venue that was definitely not an easy one, with a bridal party of TWENTY PEOPLE (All You Need is Love = Cat Wrangler), and a bride in the industry who wanted everything perfect.

Tony and I are in the process of packing up and moving, so I'm going to keep this entry short and point you in the direction of Christine Chang.  She and her second shooter, Carla Choy, captured moments I had no idea they noticed.  I have been a fan of Christine's for quite a while (I stalked her blog before I was officially engaged and claimed I was doing business research), so I knew what she shot would be beautiful, but she still managed to blow me away.  Here is a link to her blog, and below is the slide show preview she put together for us.

Talented, eh?

I'll end it there, but I'll be back soon to give each vendor their due praises.  Back to packing!