Monday, March 14, 2011

The Well-Mannered Wedding.

We all remember Emily Post's books on the rules of wedding etiquette.  Her daughter, Peggy (who also has a few books published on the same matter) has started a Q&A blog via The Times answering and discussing reader's questions on such touchy subjects as who on your guest list gets a plus one.  I know I'll be a regular reader.  I expect the possibility of some of the information to be a bit outdated and stringent, but this first entry was pretty spot on in my book.

Photo Credit: The Legacy Boutique
Bouquet and boutonniere by Yours Truly

Sunday, March 6, 2011

All You Need Is Love. Seriously.

This week was a great week in the planning realm for me.  I found a team of coordinators that I am THRILLED to be working with.  Vikki and Shannon of All You Need Is Love are two amazing planners, and I could not be happier that they are going to help me with The Day.   Vikki was a bride of mine last September (with the same wedding day as me and T!); a couple of her wedding photos can be seen in this post.  After talking to them this week, I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of trust and I know it in my gut that these two are going to kill it.  In every good way of course.  This is a definite scenario where two heads are better than one.  Here's how they operate: 

Vikki stays on site for the wedding from the very beginning, making sure that each detail looks right and keeping vendors on track.  I feel so lucky to have someone I can pass all of the decor responsibilities off to.  As a wedding florist that's not easy for me to do, but now I know that I can basically transfer all of the minute details from my brain to hers, and she will make it happen.  Shannon will stick by my side all day, making sure I get to where I'm supposed to going gracefully (and on time of course) and that I have everything I need while doing so.  She will be there to protect my experience of the day - a stress shield if you will.  In my head I picture her throwing her arms up like Wonder Woman deflecting potential anxiety heading my way.  And with a total of 20 (twenty!) people in our wedding party, I'm going to need it.  I love my girls almost as much as I love my future hubby - but no matter how you slice it, that's a lot of people to wrangle, and herding cats is not my forte.  If any of you engaged folks are in need, I strongly suggest getting in touch with them.  At the very least you should check out their blog where you can find lots of helpful little tidbits and ideas.  Happy planning!