Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reinventing the Wheelbarrow.

From Chandra Abel Designs

These photos are from a wedding last year where the bride wanted to be as sustainable as possible, but not at the expense of an opportunity to be creative. She was SO wonderful and gave me a lot of freedom to come up with decor on site. The wedding was held at the Tourist Club in Muir Woods, a hidden little gem of a place for hikers who like to camp with comfort. The location was an obvious choice for the couple who belonged to the members-only venue, and with the expansive views and brand-new extended deck, I could see why. Anyway... back to my point... when I saw these overturned wheelbarrows lying around (the construction on the deck had literally just finished) I decided to use them as something to be displayed instead of a tool to be hidden. I had brought some succulents with me, so those were an obvious choice... but Muir Woods has so much natural beauty to offer that it was easy to find additions to the carts. Moss grew over everything, so my wonderful assistant Leah helped me gently pull some of it off of the hidden brickwork. We also found lichen-covered branches, bay leaves (a favorite of the bride's -- which I made sure to include in her bouquet), and a couple of fallen wild flowers. We finished them off with some extra gardenias left over from the cocktail pieces, and Voila! The wheelbarrows become something to stop and enjoy instead of something you hope your guests don't notice.

From Chandra Abel Designs

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